New Bridge For The Plank Road

New Bridge For The Plank Road

Note To ALL Club Members

When riding the County trails please ride offset (not straight down the center) so we are not making ruts in the trail. Also when you are riding all of our trails please yield to pedestrians, horseback riders, hikers, and bicyclists on the trail. This means at least stopping for horses and slowing down for people. Also, when you are getting close to houses please slow down as a common courtesy to reduce dust. It is also illegal to ride down either State Routes 370 (in Cato) and 104A (in Fair Haven). We only have permission to cross these main routes. If you are caught, you WILL be ticketed and it will reflect poorly on the club. We need to do all this so we can keep people happy so we are allowed to continue sharing the trails in the near future.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Overgrown Signs

Many of our club's trail signs are becoming overgrown with weeds and grass. We are asking for help from members to weedwack around signs as you ride the trails (if you have some extra time). If you do not own a weedwacker, the club owns three that are available for use. Please contact Jermey at 592-8626 or Derek at 289-4397 if you would like to help out. Thanks in advance for your help.

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