New Bridge For The Plank Road

New Bridge For The Plank Road

Note To ALL Club Members

When riding the County trails please ride offset (not straight down the center) so we are not making ruts in the trail. Also when you are riding all of our trails please yield to pedestrians, horseback riders, hikers, and bicyclists on the trail. This means at least stopping for horses and slowing down for people. Also, when you are getting close to houses please slow down as a common courtesy to reduce dust. It is also illegal to ride down either State Routes 370 (in Cato) and 104A (in Fair Haven). We only have permission to cross these main routes. If you are caught, you WILL be ticketed and it will reflect poorly on the club. We need to do all this so we can keep people happy so we are allowed to continue sharing the trails in the near future.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wanted: Club Trail Coordinator

We are looking for a volunteer to be the club trail coordinator. This person will help trail bosses maintain trails and obtain materials and equipment necessary for work details. This person will report to the president and vice president of the club on decision-making and purchases (looking into purchasing needed materials, etc). Any questions or want further details, please contact Jermey at 592-8626.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Work Detail 8/14 8am

We will be having a work detail this Saturday at 8am. We will be working on the Hubbard trail and will meet on the righthand side of Oswego street in Hannibal where the trail crosses the road. There is plenty of place to park there, as they have been dumping a lot of fill in that area. Bring you machines so you can ride to places on the trail that we are going to fill in with stone and gravel. Also bring a shovel or rake if you have one. We have some but might not have enough if we get a decent turn out. All that are available to help would be great. The more help we have the easier and the faster we can get things done. Any further questions contact Jermey at 592-8626. Thanks and hope to see you there.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Work Detail

We will be having a work detail Saturday August 7Th at 12 noon. The location will be behind the IGA in Hannibal. Just bring yourself, we will have all the tools that are needed. We will be moving stones around that we haul in and then we will be placing culverts in the trail. Any further questions contact Jermey at 592-8626. Thanks hope to see you there.